Sophia Program in Lib Learning (SPLL)

SPLL 101  First-Year Common Course  (1)  

This one-credit course offers you a basic introduction to many facets of your academic experience at Saint Mary’s College. In it, we will discuss a variety of topics: practical tips such as course selection, registration, time management, and learning strategies; techniques for finding a major; information about unique opportunities and important resources on campus; and, of course, deeper questions about the value of the liberal arts, integrative learning, and higher education. Many of these conversations will build on ideas generated from our course readings.

SPLL 110  Introduction to STEM Studies  (1)  

First year students are introduced to STEM studies at Saint Mary's College, including scholarship, research, mentoring and professional development opportunities.

SPLL 190  Special Topics  (1-3)  
SPLL 290  Special Topics  (1-3)  

The presentation of selected subjects of special relevance not included in the regular department offerings. May be repeated for credit with a different topic.