Financial Information

Tuition, Room and Board, Fees

All tuition, room and board, and fee information is for the Fall 2020 semester. Specific information regarding these costs for the Spring 2021 semester will not be available until January 2021.

The following basic charges are payable one week prior to registration at the beginning of each semester. The College reserves the right to revise its rates in response to economic conditions.

Description Amount
Full-time, 12 to 18 credits
Part-time, 1 to 11 credits
$1,780 per credit
Credits over 18 per semester
$850 per credit
Mandatory Fees
General Fee, 1 to 12 credits per semester
$40 per credit
Housing Charges
Single Room
$4,290 per semester
Single Room with bath
$4,610 per semester
Double Room
$4,010 per semester
Double Room with bath
$4,340 per semester
Triple Room
$3,615 per semester
Triple Room with bath
$3,945 per semester
Quad Room
$3,280 per semester
Quint Room
$2,805 per semester
Opus—Double (Seniors only)
$5,620 per semester
Opus—Quad (Seniors only)
$4,810 per semester
Board Charges
Board Plan
$2,560 per semester
Semester Study Abroad Programs
Application Fee
$22,380 per semester
$4,175 per semester
Board Plan
$2,560 per semester
Study Abroad Fee
$1,500 per semester
Oxford Program Surcharge
$5,500 per semester
Special Purposes Fees
Orientation Fee (Fall Semester Only)
Matriculation (application) Fee
Late Enrollment Fee
Course Fees
Supervised Teaching
$150 per semester
Private voice or instrument—one hour per week
$500 per hour
Private voice or instrument —one-half hour per week
$300 per half-hour
$150 per course
$50 per course
Testing fees
$120 per semester
Political Science:
$60 per course
Biology Labs
$100 per lab
Chemistry Labs
$100 per lab
Physics Labs
$100 per lab
Social Work:
Field Practicum I
$10 per credit hour
Field Practicum II
$10 per credit hour

Students taking classes at the University of Notre Dame or N.I.C.E. institutions are expected to pay fees applicable to those classes. 

Study Abroad Programs

Costs for summer study abroad programs vary based on the specific program in which the student participates. Fluctuations in exchange rates, the number of students participating as well as additional costs for travel, housing, food, lab fees, etc. vary by program. Please visit the Center for Women’s Intercultural Leadership web site at for further information on specific programs.

Study Abroad Deposit

Students who accept a placement in a semester or year-long study abroad program at Saint Mary’s College are making a commitment to attend that program. For this reason, there is a non-refundable deposit of $500 which is due by April 30th for any Fall Semester Program and due by August 30th for any Spring Semester Program.

This deposit is not an additional fee but will be applied as a payment to the semester tuition bill for the semester that will be spend abroad. In the event the student withdraws from the program after the deposit deadline, the $500 deposit will be forfeited.


Enrollment/Damage deposit (new students) $400

New students will reserve a housing space by submitting a deposit within two weeks after receiving their acceptance letter. The deposit is nonrefundable for early decision candidates. The deposit is refundable for regular decision candidates, if the College is notified of their withdrawal no later than May 1. Of the $400 deposit, $200 will be applied to the first semester charges and $200 will be held by the College as a room damage deposit until the student withdraws or graduates. The cost to repair any property damage, and/or any unpaid charges, will be deducted from the deposit. Early Decision candidates should refer to page 19.

Refund Policy

Students who properly withdraw from the College prior to the first day of class for any semester will not be assessed any charges. For students withdrawing or dismissed after the opening of classes for any semester, there will be no refund of tuition and fees unless the student meets one of the following conditions:

  • Withdrawal or dismissal within four calendar weeks of the opening of classes.
  • Withdrawal because of a protracted illness or some other involuntary situation that is beyond the control of the student.

If any of the above conditions applies, the refund will be calculated in conformity with the following policies:

  1. Student withdraws or is dismissed within four calendar weeks of the opening of classes:
    • Tuition, Fees, Room and Board:
      Calendar Weeks Percentage
      First week 70%
      Second week 55%
      Third week 40%
      Fourth week 25%
      Please note: The refund schedule will be adjusted accordingly based on the above schedule for students who withdraw from semesters or courses with durations of less than 16 weeks.
  2. Withdrawal is due to protracted illness or other involuntary situation:
    • Tuition: A pro rata refund based upon the portion of the semester that has elapsed, up to a maximum of 60 percent of the total charges, will be made. No refund will be made once 60% of the semester is completed.
    • Room and board charges: A refund equal to 60 percent for each remaining calendar day of the semester will be made. No refund will be made once 60% of the semester is completed.
    • Fees are not refundable.
  3. Withdrawal from a class or classes: If a student drops a class after registration has taken place and a new tuition category applies, an adjustment refund will occur if the class is dropped within the first four weeks of the academic year as follows (this policy applies to both tuition charges and course fees related to the course or courses dropped):
    Calendar Weeks Percentage
    First week 70%
    Second week 55%
    Third week 40%
    Fourth week 25%
    Fifth and subsequent weeks no refund of any tuition or fees associated with that class
    Please note: The refund schedule will be adjusted accordingly based on the above schedule for students who withdraw from semesters or courses with durations of less than 16 weeks.
  4. Withdrawal from international programs: Students who withdraw from Saint Mary’s international programs are subject to the reimbursement policies for each individual program.

The refund policy will be administered by the College Business Office under the direc­tion of the Controller of the College. A parent or student who wishes to appeal a decision of that office may do so by addressing a written communication to the Vice President for Strategy and Finance, Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN 46556. All notices of intention to withdraw must be made in writing and received in the Office of Academic Advising and Registrar to be considered official. Any refunds will be considered official. Refunds for all funds excepting financial aid received from state and/or federal sources, which may have its own regulatory requirements, will be based on the date that the withdrawal process was initiated by the student. Refunds may not be back-dated beyond this initiation date.

Unpaid Balance

Transcripts, grade reports, and diplomas will be withheld from students who have any unpaid obligations to the College.

The College reserves the right to recover all costs involved with the collection and/or litigation of past-due accounts including but not limited to: collection agency fees, reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs, and all other charges allowed by law.


Payment Policy

Payment for tuition and fees for the semester are due on or before the date shown on the student’s billing statement which will be sent approximately two weeks prior to the start of the semester. Accounts not settled in full by the start of the semester are subject to late charges.

Monthly Payment Plan

The College offers a monthly payment plan for students. This plan allows students/authorized users to make payments in equal installments during each semester. Enroll­ment is by term and includes an enrollment fee per semester. If you are unable to pay your account in full, you must enroll in the payment plan. If you do not enroll in the payment plan, you may be subject to a late enrollment fee, and the College will enroll you in the semester delinquent payment plan. Information detailing the payment plan will be sent to students in the summer.

Credit cards are accepted for payment of student accounts. There is a processing fee associated with this service based upon the amount charged. Information about this service can be obtained by contacting the Student Accounts Office.

Sibling Remission

Families with two or more daughters attending Saint Mary’s College full time are eligible for the sibling remission which is 10 percent of tuition for the younger daughter(s). Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.