Global Studies (GLST)

GLST 101  Corporate Social Responsibility in Global Context  (3)  

This Critical Thinking Seminar introduces students to the contemporary concepts, issues, and questions related to global business practice and corporate social responsibility.

GLST 364  Global Research and Discovery  (3)  

An introduction to the principle methods of analysis in global studies. Students will gain experience using research tools such as interviewing, focus groups, textual interpretation, participant observation, SWOT analysis, and basic quantitative analysis to research global issues. Prerequisite: Declared Global Studies major or permission of instructor.

GLST 495  Senior Seminar in Global Studies  (3)  

This is the culminating course in the Global Studies curriculum, serving to synthesize lessons learned from the previous courses. Course assignments will direct students to review, reflect on, and integrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes gained from the curriculum; to apply that learning to debates about current global issues; and to articulate the research questions or goals that will drive their next steps in a career or graduate school.

GLST 497  Independent Study  (1-3)  

Independent readings, individualized seminars, or field projects in selected areas designed to meet the special interests of advanced students. Prerequisites:Permission of the instructor. May be repeated.

GLST 499  Global Studies Internship  (1-3)  

Professional work experience with a global organization such as a business, governmental agency, or non-governmental organization in a specific concentration. The internship in Global Studies course may not be used to satisfy any major requirements. Graded S/U. Prerequisite: permission of department chair. Open to Global Studies majors only.