Environmental Studies (ENVS)

ENVS 101  Sustainable Living  (1)  

A practical course that offers an introduction to making sustainable life choices. Topics considered may include food, gardening, electronics, recycling, transportation, renewable energy, home energy efficiency, community-building, spirituality, and more.

ENVS 161  Introduction to Environmental Studies  (3)  

An interdisciplinary course on the systemic interaction of human beings with their environments. It identifies interests informing environmental decisions and introduces practices of environmental advocacy.

ENVS 171  Introduction to Environmental Science  (3)  

An interdisciplinary course that investigates the study of our environment from a scientific perspective. We will focus on principles of the nature of science, matter, energy, water, and life in terms of biology, chemistry, and geology.

ENVS 203  Sustainability at Saint Mary’s College and in the Holy Cross Charism  (2)  

This course will address sustainability in the context of the local academic community and its institutions. In light of the recent papal encyclical, Laudato si, On Care for Our Common Home, this course will provide students an opportunity to explore in an interdisciplinary way the challenges of sustainability and develop collaborative strategies for making our common campus homes more sustainable. This course will be offered concurrently at ND, SMC, and HCC, and will be co-taught by faculty from all three campuses. It will meet in rotation on each of the three campuses once per week for two hours. Students will be invited to examine the course materials in conversation with the mission of the Congregation of Holy Cross through immersion at each of the campuses and encounters with the sisters, brothers, and priests of Holy Cross and with sustainability professionals.

ENVS 217  Environmental Policy  (3)  

This course introduces the processes by which policy is made at local, state, national, and international levels of government with attention to the special challenges of creating sound environmental policy. It examines the strengths and weaknesses of policies currently in place and prepares students to intervene constructively in the formation of environmental policy.

ENVS 290  Special Topics  (3)  

May be repeated with a different topic.

ENVS 331  Human Ecology and Spirituality  (3)  

An examination of the relationship of spirituality and ecology within several religious traditions. Particular attention is given to Christianity so that we may study at least one tradition in some depth. The course considers both how human spiritual experience is shaped by its context within particular ecosystems and how religious traditions shape humans’ relation to the biosphere. Prerequisite: RLST 101. ENVS 161 or ENVS 171 highly recommended.

ENVS 385  Interdisciplinary Environmental Research  (3)  

This course provides an introduction to a suite of important methods of analysis in environmental studies. Within a framework of interdisciplinary problem solving, students will learn to define questions for investigation, and they will gain experience using quantitative, qualitative, and textual research tools to address environmental issues. We will discuss the ethics and politics of research and strategies for using environmental research to support environmental advocacy and action. Prerequisite: ENVS 161, ENVS 171.

ENVS 386  Current Issues in Environmental Studies  (1)  

This reading seminar surveys recent articles in the scholarly and popular presses on significant current environmental issues. Weekly readings for discussion are selected by faculty and by students. Discussions will analyze the methods and the rhetoric used in the articles in addition to examining the implications of the issues addressed and how interdisciplinary problem solving could be applied to each issue. Prerequisite: ENVS 161, ENVS 171.

ENVS 395  Environmental Studies Capstone Seminar  (1)  

This capstone experience allows students to develop projects centered on a particular environmental issue of interest to the group. Prerequisite: Junior standing, ENVS 161, ENVS 171, and an additional course approved for the ENVS minor (may be taken concurrently).

ENVS 399  Internship  (1-3)  
ENVS 495  Comprehensive Project Seminar  (3)  

A collaborative research seminar that provides structure for students’ work on their comprehensive projects for Environmental Studies. Prerequisite: ENVS 385 and ENVS 386.

ENVS 497  Independent Study  (1-3)  

May be repeated.

ENVS 499  Internship  (1-3)  

May be repeated.