Business Administration, Bachelor of Business Administration - Concentrations in Accounting, Finance, International Business, Management, Management Information Systems, or Marketing - BUAD

Major Requirements (54 hours)

BUAD 201Principles of Financial Accounting 13
BUAD 202Principles of Managerial Accounting 13
BUAD 221Principles of Management 13
BUAD 231Principles of Marketing 13
ECON 251Principles of Macroeconomics 13
ECON 252Principles of Microeconomics 13
BUAD 312Principles of Finance3
BUAD 341Statistical Applications3
BUAD 344Business Law I3
BUAD 346Personal Ethics and Corporate Culture3
BUAD 446Strategic Management3
Select one 300/400 level BUEC course3
Required Supporting Courses
MATH 114Introduction to Statistics3
CPSC 102
CPSC 103
and Introduction to Computing
or CPSC 207 Computer Programming
Select at least 12 hours in at least one of the following Concentrations:12
Total Credits54


Accounting Concentration

BUAD 301Intermediate Accounting I3
BUAD 302Intermediate Accounting II3
BUAD 303Cost Accounting3
BUAD 304Personal Income Tax3
BUAD 305Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organizations3
BUAD 306Fraud Examination3
BUAD 390Topics in Business (approved topics)1-3
BUAD 401Advanced Accounting3
BUAD 402Auditing3
BUAD 404Advanced Topics in Income Tax3

Finance Concentration 

BUAD 313Investments3
BUAD 314Personal Financial Planning3
BUAD 315Management of Financial Institutions3
BUAD 316Financial Strategy with Computer Applications3
BUAD 317Financial Statement Analysis3
BUAD 390Topics in Business (approved topics)1-3
BUAD 416International Financial Management3

International Business Concentration

BUAD 349Survey of International Business and Economics3
BUAD 390Topics in Business (approved topics)1-3
BUAD 416International Financial Management3
BUAD 422International Management3
BUAD 432International Marketing3
ECON 354Economic Development3
ECON 356Comparative Economic Systems3
ECON 452International Trade and Finance3

 Management Concentration

BUAD 321Human Resource Management3
BUAD 322Organizational Behavior3
BUAD 329Gender and Race Issues in Management3
BUAD 342New Venture3
BUAD 345Business Communication3
BUAD 390Topics in Business (approved topics)1-3
BUAD 422International Management3
BUAD 427Principles of Operations Research3

Management Information Systems Concentration

CPSC 102Spreadsheets1
CPSC 103 Introduction to Computing (or with approval an alternate 300 or 400 level CPSC course)2
CPSC 207Computer Programming3
CPSC 417Systems Analysis and Design4
or CPSC 429 Database Systems
Select two of the following:5-7
Topics in Business (approved topics)
Electronic Communications
Simulation: Theory and Application
Systems Analysis and Design (if not taken above)
Database Systems (if not taken above; or with approval an alternate 300 or 400 level CPSC course)

Marketing Concentration

BUAD 331Advertising and Promotion3
BUAD 333Marketing Research3
BUAD 334Buyer Behavior3
BUAD 335Supply Chain Marketing1.5
BUAD 336Brand Management3
BUAD 342New Venture3
BUAD 345Business Communication3
BUAD 390Topics in Business (approved topics)1-3
BUAD 432International Marketing3
BUAD 433Digital Marketing3
BUAD 434Sales Management and Professional Selling3
BUAD 437Artificial Intelligence Marketing3

Advanced Writing Proficiency

To satisfy the Department of Business Administration and Economics Advanced Writing Proficiency requirement students must demonstrate writing proficiency in their chosen disciplines. This requires students to compile a portfolio of three items: a completed Linkedin profile, accepted comprehensive project paper, and a reflection essay regarding personal lessons gleaned from team work on the comprehensive project.

Senior Comprehensive

B.A. in Economics

The Comprehensive Project in Economics requires successful completion of a major research paper as part of ECON 495 Senior Economics Seminar.


The Comprehensive Project utilizes a case study format working with faculty mentors. It provides teams of students with an integrative group learning experience and tests technical competencies, problem solving and strategic analysis skills, an awareness of ethical issues, communication and interpersonal skills, and quantitative skills. The case also requires the team to consider international and intercultural ramifications. The project culminates with written and oral presentations to department faculty and peers.