Professional Arts

HUST 220 Humanities at Work: Using Your Humanities Training in the 21st Century (3)
This class will help you connect the dots between your love of books and your curiosity about life after college, between analyzing a text and analyzing a data set. It will equip you with answers to big questions like what do we mean when we say the "humanities," and what can you do with a degree in English or History? The class features discussion as well as digital and project-based assignments. This course also satisfies an LO2 Women’s Voices.

SLP 220 Introduction to Communicative Disorders (3)
A study of the causes, characteristics, and treatments of speech, language, and hearing disorders. Course content also includes speech and language development and suggestions for living and working with those who have communicative disorders. For speech language pathology intended majors. This course also satisfies an LO2 Women’s Voices, LO3 Social Responsibility, and LO3 Academic Experiential Learning.

SW 202 Introduction to Social Work (3)
This course is an introduction to the profession of social work through an exploration of social work issues related to increasing the well being of, and making a difference with, individuals, families, groups, communities, organizations, and society. Course includes an examination of social work global and national practices, case studies, policies, values and ethics, research, and literature of social work. Overview of the different fields in which social workers engage in leadership positions and participate in interdisciplinary practice with other professionals.  This includes medical/health care social work, military/VA social work, public policy analysis and planning, political social work, program administration, clinical/mental health social work (psychotherapy and counseling), criminal justice (forensic) social work, school social work, gerontological social work, child welfare/family services social work, including social work practice with trauma-informed care and the application of neuroscience, disability advocacy/accommodation, international social work, and environmental/ecological justice. This course is excellent preparation for entry into any field, taught by faculty who have experience in the field, and also satisfies an LO2 Women’s Voices and LO3 Social Responsibility. Section 71352 also satisfies LO2 Critical Thinking Seminar.