Philosophical Worldviews

PHIL 110 Introductory Philosophy (3)
Readings and discussions designed to introduce the student to the major areas and problems of philosophy through a study of the writings of classical and contemporary thinkers. Section 71535 also satisfies an LO2 Women's Voices, LO2 Critical Thinking Seminar and LO3 Social Responsibility .

PHIL 247 Philosophy of Religion (3)
There are many questions that have vexed people of faith over the centuries. In this course, we will explore three of them: What, if anything, can we know about God? What is the relationship between faith and reason? And if God is all good, all knowing, and all powerful, then why does evil exist? We will examine these questions from philosophical perspectives (i.e., from perspectives that begin from reason rather than from faith). Popular films will be used to spark discussion and introduce classical readings.