Critical Thinking Seminar Courses

(one course) Most students fulfill this requirement during the fall semester of their first year. If a CTS does not fit into a student's fall semester, there are additional CTS courses offered in the spring semester.

Critical Thinking Seminars are spread throughout the curriculum so that students can select from a wide range of different disciplines and knowledge.

Courses that meet the Critical Thinking Seminar requirement:

(The courses listed below also fulfill an LO1 requirement.)

ART 103Design Lab (CP)3
CHEM 121Principles of Chemistry I (NSL)4
ECON 252Principles of Microeconomics (CRN 71457 only) (SSII)3
HIST 201United States History to 1865 (CRN 72102 only) (HH, WV, SR)3
HUST 103Lives and Times (CRN 71281 only) (HL, WV, SR)3
HUST 197Myth, Legend, and History (HP, WV, GL, SR)1-3
HUST 197W Myth, Legend, and History (HP, WP, WV, GL, SR)4
MUS 150Voices in Time: A Critical Thinking Seminar (CP, WV)3
PHIL 110Introductory Philosophy (CRN 71317 only) (PW)3
POSC 151W Political Issues (SSI, WP)4
PSYC 157Introduction to Psychology: Science for the Citizen (CRN 71468 only) (SSII)3
RLST 101Introducing Religious Studies (Sections 71331 and 71420 only) (RTI, WV)3
SOC 203Social Problems (CRN 71620 only) (SSII, GL, SR)3
SOC 255Race, Ethnicity, and Identity in the United States (SSI, SR, IC)3
SW 202Introduction to Social Work (CRN 71433 only) (PA, WV, SR)3