Speech Language Pathology, 4+1 BA-MS - 41SP

The 4 + 1 BA-MS program in Speech Language Pathology is an accelerated track that provides students with a foundation in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences as well as professional preparation to meet certification standards and licensure requirements for entering clinical practice.

The program includes six semesters of undergraduate pre-professional requirements taken during the first three years and six semesters of professional graduate requirements taken during the fourth and fifth years of study.  The program integrates undergraduate and graduate studies into a five-year bachelor’s to master’s program.  To earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology, students will need to complete 24 hours in the major during the six semesters of pre-professional preparation and 59.5 credit hours in the major during the six semesters of professional preparation. Students will complete 45 hours of Sophia Program courses and elective credit hours of non-departmental course requirements for a total of 128 hours to earn a bachelor’s degree in Speech Language Pathology at the end of the fourth year (before earning the master’s at the end of the fifth year).  

All entering students intending to pursue the 4+1 BA-MS program must declare their intention to the department upon admission.  The program requires careful planning and advising beginning in the first semester of the first year of study.

Admission for undergraduate students to the BA- MS Program

Saint Mary’s undergraduate students meeting the prerequisites set forth below may apply to the BA-MS program during the second semester of their junior year. Applications are due on January 15.  Applicants who submit after the deadline will be considered on a space available basis only. In order to apply to the BA- MS program, Saint Mary’s students must have:

  • At least junior standing at the application due date.
  • A minimum overall cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 at the application due date.
  • Completed the following prerequisite courses or be enrolled in at the application due date: SLP 220, 230, 240, 310, 330, 340, 412, 420.
  • Earned at least a GPA of 3.25 in the foundation SLP courses (SLP 220, 230, 240, 310 and 330) at Saint Mary’s College.
  • Completed the following required supporting courses at the application due date:
    • Natural Science (NSN/NSL): Students must take one Biology course and one course in EITHER Physics or Chemistry
      • Biology: BIO 109/L (Marine Biology), BIO 110L (Understanding Women’s Cancers), BIO 112 (Evolution for Everyone), BIO 120 (Human Genetics)
      • Chemistry: CHEM 101/L (Mystery, Mayhem and Murder), CHEM 102 (Chemistry for the Citizen)
      • Physics: PHYS 102 (Introductory Topics in Physics: Energy), PHYS 111L (College Physics I: Mechanics and Waves)
    • Lifespan Developmental
      • PSYC 201L/ 401 (Child Development/ Psychology of Adult Development and Aging) OR
      • PSYC 305 (Lifespan Developmental Psychology)
  • Met the essential functions required to practice as a speech-language pathologist
  • Successfully completed a criminal background check, fingerprint check, and drug screen before entering the Speech Pathology BA -MS program.

Major Requirements (59.5-62.5)

Recommended Plan of Study


Plan of Study Grid
First Year
First SemesterCredits
Fall Semester - Semester 1 Pre-Professional
SLP 220 Introduction to Communicative Disorders 3
PSYC 156
Introduction to Psychology: Culture and Systems (Sophia Course)
or Introduction to Psychology: Science for the Citizen
BIO 105
Cells to Self (Sophia NSN Requirement)
or Understanding Women’s Cancers
Sophia/Electives 5
Second Semester
Spring Semester -Semester 2 Pre-Professional
SLP 230 Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism 3
Sophia/Electives 12
Second Year
First Semester
Fall Semester - Semester 3 Pre-Professional
SLP 240 Phonetics 3
Recommended Study Abroad Semester
PSYC 201 Child Development (Supporting Lifespan Developmental recommended) 3
PHYS 111 College Physics I: Mechanics and Waves (Supporting NSN or NSL recommended) 4
Sophia/Electives 8
Second Semester
Spring Semester - Semester 4 Pre-Professional
SLP 310 Child Language Development 3
SLP 330 Speech and Hearing Sciences 3
Sophia/Electives 12
Third Year
First Semester
Fall Semester-Semester 5 Pre-Professional
SLP 340 Audiology for the Speech-Language Pathologist 3
SOC 372 Sociological Statistics 3
Sophia/Electives 12
Second Semester
Spring Semester-Semester 6 Pre-Professional
SLP 412 Clinical Methods and Supervised Observation 3
SLP 420 Aural Rehabilitation 3
Sophia/Electives 12
Fourth Year
First Semester
Fall Semester - Semester 1 Professional
SLP 502 Assessment 3
SLP 503 Speech Sound Disorders 3
SLP 505 Early Childhood Language Disorders 3
SLP 512 Neurology for Speech-Language Pathologists 3
SLP 584 Clinical Practicum: Proseminar 1
Second Semester
Spring Semester - Semester 2 Professional
SLP 506 Later Childhood Language Disorders 3
SLP 508 Adult Language Disorders I 3
SLP 510 Research Methods in Speech-Language Pathology 3
SLP 516 Motor Speech Disorders 3
SLP 585 Clinical Practicum 1
 Total Credits128

128 Credits are required for undergraduate  degree


Plan of Study Grid
First Year
First SemesterCredits
Summer Semester - Semester 3 Professional
SLP 517 Fluency 3
SLP 522 Dysphagia 3
SLP 523 Multi-Cultural Populations: Communication Disorders Across Cultures 2
SLP 585 Clinical Practicum 1
Second Semester
Fall Semester - Semester 4 Professional
SLP 509 Adult Language Disorders II 3
SLP 520 Augmentative and Alternative Communication 3
SLP 525 Counseling 3
SLP 586 Clinical Practicum 2
Third Semester
Spring Semester - Semester 5 Professional
SLP 518 Voice 2
SLP 521 Cleft Palate 2
SLP 524 Autism Spectrum Disorders 3
SLP 586 Clinical Practicum 2
Fourth Semester
Summer Session - Semester 6 Professional
SLP 587 Advanced Clinical Practicum 6
 Total Credits35