Music Education, Minor - MUSE

Minor Requirements (13 Hours)

All of the following:
MUS 181Patterns in Music 1 Beginning Music Theory3
MUS 101Class Piano - Beginners1
MUS 250Vocal Techniques2
or MUS 114 Voice
or MUS 201 Collegiate Choir
or MUS 203 Belles Voix
Choose one of the following Technique courses:2
Woodwind Techniques
String Techniques
Brass Techniques
Percussion Techniques
Choose one of the following Music Education courses:2
Elementary Music Methods
Secondary Music Methods
Choose one of the following Music courses:3
Voices in Time: A Critical Thinking Seminar
Creating Music: Introductory Music Composition
Patterns in Music 2 Intermediate Music Theory
Digital Media in Music
Passport to Music
American Popular Music
Latin American and Latino Popular Music
Global Music
Total Credits13