History, Women’s History Concentration, Bachelor of Arts - WHIS

Major Requirements (35 Hours) 

HIST 103
HIST 104
World History I
and World History II
United States
Select three of the following:9
United States History to 1865
United States History Since 1865
History of Women in the United States
The ‘70s: U.S. Women’s Conferences, Conventions and Confrontations in the 1970s
HIST 370A History of Modern European Women3
Select one of the following:3
History of Classical Greece
Classical Rome
Medieval Civilization
Renaissance and Reformation
History of England to 1600
Select one of the following:3
Great Lives and Minds: From Renaissance to Enlightenment
Great Lives and Minds: From Enlightenment to Existentialism
Europe in the 19th Century: 1815–1914
Europe in the 20th Century: 1914–Present
History of England, 1600 to Present
Great Cities of Europe: The Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance Worlds
History of Revolutionary France
Modern London and Paris
Modern East/Central Europe
Women in Revolutions
Living with the Enemy
Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East
Select one of the following:3
Chinese Women and Society
Special Topics (relevant topics)
Select one of the following:3
African-American History
Special Topics (relevant topics)
Women in Revolutions
History of Famous Women
Advanced Writing Requirement and Senior Comprehensive
Students completing Advanced Writing Requirement and Senior Comprehensive in History must complete the following two-course sequence:
HIST 392
HIST 495
Doing History: Oral and Public Histories
and Senior Seminar
Total Credits35

Advanced Writing Proficiency

Before taking the Senior Seminar, history majors intending to fulfill their Advanced Writing Proficiency requirement in the History department will enroll in HIST 392 Doing History in the spring of their junior year. They will be awarded the Advanced W upon successfully completing their senior research paper in HIST 495 Senior Seminar and presenting the project.

Senior Comprehensive

The Senior Comprehensive consists of an oral presentation based on the senior research paper from the Senior Seminar. The comprehensive research presentation will take place before the History Department during the second semester of the academic year. December graduates must share their paper with faculty two weeks prior to their presentation and present before faculty before the end of the Fall semester.