History, General, Minor - HIST

Minor Requirements (15 Hours)

Select two courses in any two of the three divisions; one course in the third division.15
Division I: United States
United States History to 1865
United States History Since 1865
Colonial and Revolutionary History of the United States
The Gilded Age, United States 1865–1898
America Comes of Age, 1898–1929
America in Crisis, 1932–1960
Recent America: 1960 to the Present
The American West
History of Women in the United States
The American South
History of Sexuality in the United States
African-American History
The ‘70s: U.S. Women’s Conferences, Conventions and Confrontations in the 1970s
History of Religion in America
Division II: Europe
History of Classical Greece
Classical Rome
Medieval Civilization
Renaissance and Reformation
Great Lives and Minds: From Renaissance to Enlightenment
Great Lives and Minds: From Enlightenment to Existentialism
Europe in the 19th Century: 1815–1914
Europe in the 20th Century: 1914–Present
History of England to 1600
History of England, 1600 to Present
History of Ireland
History of Revolutionary France
A History of Modern European Women
The City in European History
Modern East/Central Europe
Women in Revolutions
Living with the Enemy
Division III: Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East
Women from the Global South
The Middle East
The Indian Subcontinent
Southeast Asia
Modern East Asia
Women in Africa and the Middle East
Africa Since 1800
History of Modern China
Total Credits15