History, General, Minor - HIST

Minor Requirements (15 Hours)

Select two courses in any two of the three divisions; one course in the third division.15
Division I: United States
United States History to 1865
United States History Since 1865
Recent America: 1960 to the Present
The American West
History of Women in the United States
The American South
History of Sexuality in the United States
African-American History
The ‘70s: U.S. Women’s Conferences, Conventions and Confrontations in the 1970s
History of Religion in America
Division II: Europe
History of Classical Greece
Classical Rome
Medieval Civilization
Renaissance and Reformation
Great Lives and Minds: From Renaissance to Enlightenment
Great Lives and Minds: From Enlightenment to Existentialism
Europe in the 19th Century: 1815–1914
Europe in the 20th Century: 1914–Present
History of England to 1600
History of England, 1600 to Present
History of Ireland
History of Revolutionary France
A History of Modern European Women
Modern London and Paris
Modern East/Central Europe
Women in Revolutions
Living with the Enemy
Division III: Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East
The Middle East
Africa Since 1800
Total Credits15