Film Studies, Minor - FILM

Minor Requirements (15 Hours)

ART 344Film History and Analysis3
Film Categories
Select four additional courses including at least one course in Category 2 and one course in Category 3:12
Category 1. Film Interpretation/Criticism:
These courses focus on the art and language of film. Courses are designed to encourage students to think and write critically about films as a text and to examine how the medium affects them.
Film History and Analysis
Masculinities in the United States Media
From Fiction to Film
The American West
French and Francophone Cinema
Italian Cinema, 1945–1965
Special Topics
Politics and Film
Category 2. Political Economy of Film:
These courses focus on the social, political, and legal conditions that shape the production/ content/distribution/and access of films, and will enable students to better understand the structural and cultural factors influencing the types of films created with specific symbolic meanings.
Mass Media and Society
Critical Issues in Mass Communication
Art and Entertainment Law
Sociology of Popular Culture
Category 3. Film Production/Visual Arts:
These courses encourage students to be active participants in the imaginative and expressive faculties of the creative process and require a hands­on approach to the process of artistic creativity. They will better enable students to appreciate the technical and creative issues involved in cinematic production.
Design Lab
Photography I
Introduction to Digital Photography
Video Art
Introduction to New Media
Digital Video Production
Broadcast Media Production
Introduction to Acting
Total Credits15