Environmental Studies, Minor - ENVS

Minor Requirements (16 Hours)

ENVS 161Introduction to Environmental Studies3
ENVS 171Introduction to Environmental Science3
Select three of the following from at least two of the listed categories:5-11
Category 1: Environmental STEM
Survey II: Human Prehistory
Introduction to Marine Biology
Vertebrate Natural History
and Vertebrate Natural History Laboratory
Conservation Biology
and Conservation Biology Laboratory
and Ecology Laboratory
Chemistry in Everyday Life
Mathematics for Sustainability
Mathematical Modeling
Introductory Topics in Physics: Energy
Category 2: Global Environmental Policy
People and Nature
Survey I: Culture and Language
Special Topics (approved topics)
Organizational Communication
Economic Development
Topics in Economics
Environmental Policy
The Global Politics of International Development
Global Environmental Politics
Social Problems (approved topics)
Consumer Society
Category 3: Nature, Culture, Arts
Water, Culture & Sustainability
Sustainable Textiles
Introduction to Design and the Environment
Picturing Biodiversity: The Art of Natural History
Environment in Contemporary Art
Design and the Environment Studio II
People and Nature
Survey I: Culture and Language
Survey II: Human Prehistory
Special Topics (approved topics)
Communicating Climate Science
Animals in Literature and Society
Environmental Literature
African-American Literature
19th-Century American Literature
Topics in Literature (approved topics)
Cultural Sust and Spirituality
The Shape of the City
Give Me Shelter
Nature and Environmental Writing
Lives and Times (approved topics)
Fashion Ethics
Category 4: Spirituality, Justice, Ethics
Sustainable Living
and Sustainability at Saint Mary’s College and in the Holy Cross Charism
Cultural Sust and Spirituality
Human Ecology and Spirituality
Introduction to Justice Studies
Social Justice
Environmental Ethics
Religion and Science
Social Problems (approved sections)
Select one of the following options as a culminating experience:1-3
Interdisciplinary Environmental Research
Current Issues in Environmental Studies
Environmental Studies Capstone Seminar
Total Credits12-20