Environmental STEM Concentration, Environmental Studies, Bachelor of Arts - ESES

Major Requirements (54 hours)

ENVS 161Introduction to Environmental Studies3
ENVS 171Introduction to Environmental Science3
ENVS 217Environmental Policy3
COMM 418Seminar on Women, Leadership, and Communication3
or ENVS 321 Women, Leadership, and the Environment
ENVS 385Interdisciplinary Environmental Research3
ENVS 386Current Issues in Environmental Studies1
ENVS 495Comprehensive Project Seminar3
Select the following Concentration:45-56
Please note that the Earth and Water Science Area Focus is only available to students pursuing the dual degree in Engineering at the University of Notre Dame.
Total Credits64-75

Environmental STEM Concentration

One Environmental Ethics Course
PHIL 256Environmental Ethics3
One Environmental Biology Course4
Conservation Biology
and Conservation Biology Laboratory
and Ecology Laboratory
Environmentally-Related Science Elective
Select one of the following: 13-4
Vertebrate Natural History
and Vertebrate Natural History Laboratory
Conservation Biology
and Conservation Biology Laboratory
and Ecology Laboratory
Area Focus Courses
Select four courses from one of the following areas:12-14
Applied Mathematics:
Calculus III
Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
Differential Equations II
Numerical Analysis
Mathematical Modeling
Earth and Water Science (at Notre Dame):
CE 20110
Planet Earth
CE 20320
Environmental Aquatic Chemistry
CE 20520
Environmental Mineralogy
CE 30300
Intro to Environmental Engineering
CE 30320
Water Chemistry and Treatment
CE 30455
Environmental Hydrology
Required Supporting Courses
CHEM 121
CHEM 122
Principles of Chemistry I
and Principles of Chemistry I Laboratory
and Principles of Chemistry II
and Principles of Chemistry II Laboratory
PHYS 121
PHYS 122
General Physics I: Mechanics and Waves
and General Physics I Lab
and General Physics II: Temperature, Electricity, and Light
and General Physics II Laboratory
MATH 131
MATH 132
Calculus I
and Calculus II for STEM majors
or MATH 133 Theory and Application of Calculus
Select one of the following:3-6
and Statistics (Applied Mathematics focus)
ACMS 30440
Probabilty and Statistics (Earth & Water Science focus)
Total Credits45-55

With program permission, the following earth or water science courses offered at Notre Dame may be used to fulfill this requirement: CE 20110 – Planet Earth, CE 20520 – Environmental Mineralogy, CE 20320 – Environmental Aquatic Chemistry.

Advanced Writing Proficiency 

Students fulfill this proficiency requirement by receiving approval for a portfolio of three writing projects drawn from multiple disciplines contributing to environmental studies. The portfolio will include the paper completed in ENVS 495 Comprehensive Project Seminar; the other two projects included will vary with the student’s major concentration and selection of courses.

Senior Comprehensive

The Senior Comprehensive requirement in Environmental Studies is fulfilled by successful completion of ENVS 495 Comprehensive Project Seminar and department approval of the paper and oral presentation based on the student’s comprehensive project.