Applied Arts and Design Concentration, Bachelor of Arts - ARAD


All of the following core requirements:
ART 101Drawing I3
ART 102Drawing II3
ART 103Design Lab3
ART 241Art History Survey I3
ART 242Art History Survey II3
Studio requirements in Applied Arts & Design:
ART 211Ceramics: Introduction to Clay3
ART 216Introduction to Furniture Design3
ART 236Sustainable Textiles3
or ART 237 Handmade Paper and Felt
or ART 238 Fiber: Surface Design
or ART 239 Fiber: Fabric Printing
ART 385Design Research Methods3
ART 495Senior Comprehensive in Art History or Studio Art 13
Additional courses in one applied arts area:9
Throwing on the Wheel
The Sustainable Cup
Advanced Ceramics: Hand Building and Slip Casting
Alternative Processes in Ceramics
Topics in Art
Topics in Art
Independent Study
Independent Study
Sculptural Knitting and Crochet
Sustainable Textiles
Handmade Paper and Felt
Fiber: Surface Design
Fiber: Fabric Printing
Advanced Fiber: Surface Construction
Advanced Fiber: Surface Design
Topics in Art
Topics in Art
Independent Study
Independent Study
Earth Art
Modeling and Replication
Sculptural Knitting and Crochet
Introduction to Design and the Environment
Design and the Environment Studio II
Advanced Sculpture
Topics in Art
Topics in Art
Independent Study
Independent Study
One upper-level art/design history course:3
History of Photography
Film History and Analysis
Modern Art and Design
Alternative Media: Art from 1945 to 1989
Asian Art: Buddhist, Hindu, and Islamic Traditions
Picturing Biodiversity: The Art of Natural History
Environment in Contemporary Art
Topics in Art
Independent Study
Independent Study
Dark Romanticism: The Gothic Imagination in Art
Topics in Art
Portfolio Reviews
Participate in portfolio reviews every semester
Total Credits42

Double majors who elect to complete the Senior Comprehensive in their other major must take an additional 3 hours in studio in place of ART 495.

Advanced Writing Proficiency

Art majors submit a portfolio of three writing samples from an approved list of approaches to art writing as a graduation requirement.

Senior Comprehensive

A final semester, independent, creative research project in applied arts and design results in the presenta­tion of a cohesive body of work that is original and aesthetically and conceptually sound.