Political Science, Bachelor of Arts - POSC

Major Requirements (28 Hours)

POSC 201American Politics3
POSC 204Political Thought3
POSC 206International Politics3
POSC 207Comparative Politics3
POSC 495Senior Thesis I (For those POSC majors comping in POSC, taking POSC 495 for one credit will be required.)1
Select five of the following:15
American Politics and Law:
Introduction to American Law
Congress and the Legislative Process
The Presidency
The United States Constitution
Comparative Politics:
Latin American Politics
Middle East Politics
The Politics of Race
Gender and Politics
International Politics:
The Global Politics of International Development
Global Environmental Politics
United States Foreign Policy
Political Theory:
Human Rights
Digital Politics
Politics and Religion
Politics and Film
Other Courses
Special Topics in Political Science
Two seminars from WSP
Total Credits28

Advanced Writing Proficiency

Political science majors satisfy their Advanced Writing Proficiency requirements by completing their Senior Comprehensive in the department.

Senior Comprehensive

The Senior Comprehensive consists of a major research paper which may be completed on campus or on the Washington Semester program. Washington Semester theses must be reviewed and approved by department faculty. All students who satisfy their senior comprehensive requirements in the POSC major must register for POSC 495 Senior Thesis I.