Law, Ethics and Politics Concentration, Philosophy, Bachelor of Arts - LEP

Major Requirements (27 Hours)

All the following:
PHIL 110Introductory Philosophy3
or PHIL 233 Philosophy of Gender
or PHIL 235 Philosophy of Human Existence
or PHIL 245 Philosophy of World Cultures
or PHIL 247 Philosophy of Religion
or PHIL 252 Philosophy of Art
or PHIL 253 Philosophy of Politics
PHIL 220Introduction to Logic3
PHIL 230Socrates to Scholasticism3
PHIL 331Descartes to Skepticism3
PHIL 355Philosophy of Law3
One advanced historical seminar:3
Kant and His Critics
Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas
Philosophers of Consequence
Senior Seminar: New Methods in Philosophy
One Ethics Electives:3
Philosophy and Disabilities
Business Ethics
Environmental Ethics
Social Justice
Medical Ethics
One Politics Elective:3
Social Justice
Global Justice
Introduction to Feminist Philosophy
Philosophy of Gender
Philosophy of Politics
One elective course at or above 300 level:3
19th Century Philosophy
Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas
Mind, Knowledge, and Reality
20th Century Philosophy
Philosophy of Language
Philosophy of Science
Special Topics
Philosophers of Consequence
Senior Seminar: New Methods in Philosophy
Senior Thesis
Total Credits27

Advanced Writing Proficiency

At the end of their junior year, philosophy majors intending to fulfill their Advanced Writing Proficiency requirement in philosophy submit a portfolio for evaluation. The Advanced W must be awarded at this time if the student is to pursue the thesis option for her Senior Comprehensive. Those students who do not receive the Advanced W during the junior year, must pursue the exam option and submit an Advanced W portfolio by January 15th of the senior year.

Senior Comprehensive/Advanced Writing Proficiency

Majors who do their Senior Comprehensive in philosophy may either write a thesis or take an exam. Those pursuing the thesis option receive three credit hours (PHIL 496 Senior Thesis ) and are eligible for honors. The exam consists of a three hour examination on questions designed specifically for each student on the basis of her course work.