Justice Studies, Minor - JUST

Minor Requirements (15 Hours)

JUST 250Introduction to Justice Studies3
Select one of the following:3
Social Justice
Faith in Action
Catholic Social Thought
Select at least three of the following: 19
Anthropology of Race and Racism
Personal Ethics and Corporate Culture
Advertising in Consumer Society
Public Communication
Seminar on Women, Leadership, and Communication
Economic Development
Literature of Social Justice
19th-Century American Literature
Topics in Literature (relevant topics)
Transnational Feminisms
Feminist Theory
African-American History
Restorative Justice: The Case of Indigenous Peoples
Global Justice
The Church and the City
Diversity Dialogues
Introduction to Feminist Philosophy
Philosophy of World Cultures
Philosophy and Disabilities
Philosophy of Politics
Social Justice (if not taken for the requirement above)
Human Rights
Latin American Politics
The Global Politics of International Development
The Politics of Race
Psychology of Violence
Stereotyping and Prejudice
Faith in Action (if not taken for the requirement above)
Catholic Social Thought (if not taken for the requirement above)
Religion and Politics
African-American Theologies
Social Problems
Race, Ethnicity, and Identity in the United States
Introduction to Crime and Society
Social Inequalities in Education
Sociology of Poverty
Global and Diverse Childhoods
Social Stratification: Class, Gender, Race
Social Welfare Policy and Service
Fashion Ethics
Total Credits15

Other courses may be substituted by permission.