Education, Elementary with Reading Licensure, P-12 - ELER

Major Requirements (77 Hours)

EDUC 201Foundations for Teaching in a Multicultural Society (field)3
EDUC 213American Mosaic: Integrative Approaches to the Arts in Elementary/Middle School2
EDUC 215Teaching Wellness in Elementary/Middle School3
EDUC 220Applied Media and Instructional Technology3
EDUC 230Educational Psychology: Foundations of Special Education in Elementary/Middle School (field)3
EDUC 240General Methods for Elementary/Middle School3
EDUC 301Teaching Language Arts in Elementary/Middle School (field)3
EDUC 302Teaching Social Studies in Elementary/Middle School (field)3
EDUC 303Teaching Science in Elementary/Middle School (field)3
EDUC 304Teaching Reading in Elementary/Middle School (field)3
EDUC 305Teaching Mathematics in Elementary/Middle School (field)3
EDUC 308Children’s Literature in Elementary/Middle School (field)3
EDUC 352Educational Psychology: Human Growth & Development of the Pre-School/Elementary/Middle School Studen (field)3
EDUC 406Reading Assessment and Intervention in Elementary/Middle School (field)3
EDUC 472Student Teaching in Elementary School12
Additional Required Courses
HIST 103World Civilization I3
or HIST 104 World Civilization II
HIST 201United States History to 18653
MATH 118Patterns in Mathematics for Elementary Teachers3
MATH 302Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers3
Total Credits65

In addition to the ELED requirements, all of the following are required (leads to licensure in Reading):

ELED Requirements65
Reading Licensure
EDUC 306Multicultural Approaches to Teaching of Reading3
EDUC 404Content Area Literacy Instruction3
EDUC 481Seminar in Reading3
EDUC 486Practicum in Reading (field)3
Total Credits77

Advanced Writing Proficiency 

All Education candidates prepare two submissions to the Advanced Writing Proficiency Portfolio. Additional detailed information on the Advanced Writing Proficiency Portfolio is found in the AWP Guidelines available to students on Blackboard. In addition, secondary candidates complete the Advanced W requirement in the content area major.

Senior Comprehensive

All candidates complete student teaching and the Education Portfolio at the Proficient level. Secondary education majors are also required to complete the senior comprehensive in the content area major.