4+1 Program in Data Science

4+1 Pathway for Saint Mary's Undergraduate

Saint Mary’s undergraduate students meeting the prerequisites set forth below may apply to the Master of Science in Data Science program as a second semester junior or first semester senior. If admitted to the graduate program, students will complete two graduate courses in data science in the senior year prior to baccalaureate graduation. The student will continue data science courses in the summer term immediately following her baccalaureate graduation and continue for the next fall, spring, and summer terms to complete the bachelor’s and graduate degree in five years.


  • Calculus I
  • Calculus II
  • Statistics
  • Computer Programming
  • Linear Algebra (or equivalent)
  • Completion of one graduate Data Science course (only for those applying in fall semester of her senior year)

Courses Available to Undergraduate Students

For more details about the Master of Science in Data Science program, refer the Graduate Policies and Programs  section.