4+1 Program in Autism Studies

Progress to Completion

The following chart shows the sequence of courses students typically take to complete the 4+1 program.

Summer 3 (between Jr & Sr Years)
AUST 500Autistic Voices3
AUST 520A Biopsychosocial Understanding of the Autism Spectrum3
Fall 4 (Sr Year)
AUST 510Autism and the Human Person3
Spring 4 (Sr Year)
AUST 611Autism and Ethics3
Summer 4
Fall 5
AUST 530Quantitative Methods in Autism Research3
AUST 535Autism Research Design and Methods3
AUST 540Approaches to Autism Intervention3
Spring 5
AUST 550Occupational Therapy and Autism3
AUST 570Autism and Education3
AUST 580Social Policies and Social Services for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum and Their Families3
Summer 5
AUST 560Autism and Communication3
AUST 700Capstone Project3