Major Requirements


Every student must complete the requirements for a major as listed in the Courses of Study section of the Bulletin. Normally all major requirements must be taken at Saint Mary’s College. Any exception to this policy must be made by the chair of the department. All courses taken to satisfy major requirements must be completed with at least a “C” grade. A student may compensate for one grade below “C” in a required major course by repeating the course for which credit will be recorded only once. A second grade below “C” in a major requirement will eliminate the student from that major. The student may attempt to major in a second field. If unsuccessful in two majors or the same major twice, she will be subject to dismissal. A passing grade below “C” is acceptable in required supporting courses.

Senior Comprehensive

Satisfactory completion of a comprehensive examination or project, depending upon the major, is required of all seniors. Satisfactory work in the department’s required courses is a prerequisite for admission to the comprehensive. Comprehensives are graded honors/satisfactory/unsatisfactory. A student who fails the comprehensive may repeat it, but not necessarily within the same semester.

Advanced Writing Proficiency

Writing proficiency must be demonstrated within the student’s major. The requirements for proficiency are listed in each department section.

Optional Second Major

Students may obtain a second major by completing the major course requirements in the second department. Students who have met department requirements for majors in two different degree programs, but have not completed an additional 30 hours of credit for the dual degree, must choose the degree they wish to receive. Notation of both majors will be made on the transcript.