Four Year Graduation Promise

Saint Mary’s College is very proud that 93 percent of our graduates have finished in four years. We are so confident that students will graduate on time that we are offering a four-year graduation promise. The promise extends to each student who:

  • Is officially accepted into a major by the end of the spring semester of her sophomore year and does not subsequently change that major;
  • Maintains academic good standing each semester and receives no grade lower than a C in her major;
  • Completes an average of 32 semester hours each year;
  • Registers at assigned times each semester and maintains good standing with the Financial Aid and Student Accounts Offices;
  • Notifies her Department Chair in writing no later than the close of the current semester (last exam day) if unable to advance register for a required major course offered in the next semester.

This promise does not apply to those students who pursue two majors or two degrees. This promise does not apply to a student who takes a leave of absence or declares academic bankruptcy. This promise is not applicable if study abroad time is the reason for failure to graduate on time. Study abroad requires careful planning. It is the student’s responsibility to monitor her progress toward degree completion using the electronic degree audit system. If a student is not on track with degree requirements, even if she has declared her major by the end of sophomore year, she may need to attend summer school at her own expense to get back on track. This determination will be made in writing by department chair, faculty designee or Office of Academic Advising & Registrar. Examples of students who may need to take summer school are the following: chemistry and nursing majors who do not have a sufficient mathematics background for their first-year mathematics and chemistry requirements; music education majors who take additional choirs and lessons in lieu of required courses; elementary education majors who need additional courses to meet state licensing requirements.

If a student follows the above requirements and is unable to graduate on time because one (or more) required course is unavailable, the College will offer a substitute. If no substitution can be made, the College will waive tuition and mandatory fees for her to enroll in the required course(s) at Saint Mary’s in a subsequent summer session or semester. Some courses in the Saint Mary’s curriculum are offered online during the summer.

Note: students regularly graduate in four years even if they do not meet every condition for the graduation promise.