Mathematics (MATH)

MATH 527  Applied Linear Algebra Applied Linear Algebra  (3)  

An application-focused approach to linear algebra in a variety of fields. Topics include matrices, gaussian elimination, vector spaces, determinants, inner products, orthogonality, least squares solution, eigenvalue problems, Gram-Schmidt process, matrix decomposition/factorization, Jordan canonical forms, methods of dimension reduction such as singular value decomposition or principal component analysis, quadratic forms, pseudo-inverses, Markov processes, data/image processing, and other advanced topics pertinent to data analysis.

MATH 546  Applied Statistics I  (3)  

An introduction to the foundations and applications of statistics. Topics include basic concepts of data collection sampling and experimental design, descriptive analysis and graphical displays of data, probability concepts and expectations, normal and binomial distributions, sampling distributions and the Central Limit Theorem, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing, likelihood-based statistics, ANOVA, correlation and simple linear regression.

MATH 547  Applied Statistics II  (3)  

An application-focused approach to regression analysis and related techniques. Topics include simple and multiple linear regression, weighted and generalized least squares estimators, polynomial regression, exponential regression, model selection, categorical variables and ANOVA, logistic regression, principal component analysis, time series analysis, and other applications of statistics as relevant. Prerequisite: MATH 546