Financial Information

Tuition, Room and Board, Fees

All tuition, room and board, and fee information is for the Fall 2019 semester. Specific information regarding these costs for the Spring 2020 semester will not be available until January 2020.

The following basic charges are payable one week prior to registration at the beginning of each semester. The College reserves the right to revise its rates in response to economic conditions.

Graduate Tuition

Description Amount
Master of Science in Data Science:
Entering Fall 2019 (36 credit hours) $861 per credit hour
Graduate Student Fee (fall and spring semesters only) $237.50 per semester
Master of Autism Studies:
Entering Fall 2019 (36 credit hours) $861 per credit hour
Graduate Student Fee (fall and spring semesters only) $237.50 per semester
Master of Science in Speech Pathology:
Cohort Entering Fall 2019 $58,390 program cost
Five (5) semesters $11,678 per semester
Doctor of Nursing Practice:
Cohort Entering Fall 2019 $69,180 program cost
Twelve (12) semesters $5,765 per semester
Dual Degree - Master of Autism Studies and Master of Speech Language Pathology:
Cohort Entering Fall 2019 $82,116 program cost
Nine (9) semesters $ 9,124 per semester
Undergraduate Courses taken by Graduate Students: $861 per credit hour

Application Fees

Description Amount
Data Science (payable to GRADCAS) $24
Nursing Practice (payable to Nursing CAS) $70
Speech Pathology (payable to CSDCAS) $125
Dual Degree in Autism Studies and Speech Pathology (payable to CSDCAS) $125
Master of Autism Studies (payable to GRADCAS) $24

Housing Charges1

Description Amount
Single Room $4,145 per semester
Single Room with bath $4,455 per semester
Double Room $3,875 per semester
Double Room with bath $4,195 per semester
Triple Room $3,495 per semester
Triple Room with bath $3,815 per semester
Quad Room $3,170 per semester
Quint Room $2,710 per semester

Board Charges1

Description Amount
Board Plan $2,475 per semester
Belles Blue Plan $480


Description Amount
Enrollment deposit (new students) $500

Applicants offered admission to a graduate program must reserve their seat by submitting a non-refundable deposit. This deposit will be applied toward the first semester charges. Additionally, women enrolling in the Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology program may live on campus. A deposit is required to reserve a seat in the class and begin the housing process. This deposit is non-refundable, and is applied as follows: $300 toward the first semester charges and $200 as a security deposit for on-campus housing.

Refund Policy

Graduate Program Refund

Students who properly withdraw from the College prior to the first day of class for any semester will not be assessed any charge. Refunds for students who properly withdraw from the College or are dismissed within the first week of class will be calculated in conformity with the following policies:

  • Tuition and fees:
Calendar Weeks Percentage
First week 70%
Second week 55%
Third week 40%
Fourth week 0%
  • Board: A maximum 60 percent refund will be available less a charge of one-half of 1 percent for each calendar day that has expired from the date of registration to the ­effective date of the student’s withdrawal and departure from ­campus.
  • Room: No refund of room charges will be made unless the room is re-rented to a student who had been living in emergency housing on campus. If the room is re-rented, a pro rata portion of the room fee will be refunded, less the normal room change fee. The student must vacate the room within 24 hours of his or her withdrawal or dismissal.

Please note: The refund schedule will be adjusted accordingly based on the above schedule for students who withdraw from semesters or courses with durations of less than 16 weeks.

Graduate Program Refund due to Protracted Illness

For students withdrawing because of a protracted illness or some other involuntary situation that is beyond the control of the student, the refund will be calculated in conformity with the following policies:

  • Tuition and general fees: A pro rata refund based upon the portion of the semester that has elapsed, up to a maximum of 80 percent of the total charges, will be made.
  • Room and board charges: A refund equal to 75 percent for each remaining ­calendar day of the semester will be made.


The refund policy will be administered by the College Business Office under the direc­tion of the controller of the College. A student who wishes to appeal a decision of that office may do so by addressing a written communication to the:

Vice President for Finance and Administration
Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN 46556

All notices of intention to withdraw must be made in writing and received by the Program Director to be considered official. Any refunds will be considered official. Refunds will be based on the official withdrawal date shown on the change of status form from the Registrar’s Office.

Unpaid Balance

Transcripts, grade reports, and diplomas will be withheld from graduate students who have any unpaid obligations to the College.

The College reserves the right to recover all costs involved with the collection and/or litigation of past-due accounts including but not limited to: collection agency fees, reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs, and all other charges allowed by law.


Payment Policy

Payment for tuition and fees for the semester are due on or before the date shown on the student’s billing statement which will be sent approximately two weeks prior to the start of the semester. Accounts not settled in full by the start of the semester are subject to late charges.

Monthly Payment Plan

The College offers a monthly payment plan for students. This plan allows students and other authorized users to make payments in equal installments during each semester. Enrollment is by term and includes an enrollment fee per semester. If you are unable to pay your bill in full, you must enroll in the payment plan. If you do not enroll in the payment plan, you may be subject to a late enrollment fee, and the College will enroll you in the semester delinquent payment plan. Information detailing the payment plan will be sent to graduate students in the summer.

Credit cards are accepted for payment of student accounts. There is a processing fee associated with this service based upon the amount charged. Information about this service can be obtained by contacting the Student Accounts Office.