Withdrawal from a Course

After consultation with the instructor and the graduate program director, a student may withdraw from a course after the add/drop deadline and until the last day of class as stated in the course syllabus. If the student is passing the course at the time of withdrawal, the grade of “W” is recorded on the student’s transcript for that course. A grade of “F” is recorded for a withdrawn course in which the student is failing.

Withdrawal from the Program

A graduate student wishing to withdraw from a program is required to notify the Office of Graduate Studies and the Program Director.

The date of official written notification will determine the official date of withdrawal. If a graduate student withdraws from the program between the first day of class and the end of the drop period, he/she will be dropped from all classes and a notation of enrollment and a withdrawal entry is made on his/her permanent record. If a graduate student withdraws from the program after the official drop period, he/she will receive grades of “W” or “F” from his/her instructors depending on progress to date.

A graduate student might be non-responsive to attempts to communicate with him/her regarding his/her absence from a course or all courses in the graduate program in which he/she was registered. A student who has not participated in coursework and has been non-responsive will receive an official notification from the Dean of Graduate Studies. If the student does not respond in seven (7) days, the student may be administratively withdrawn by the Dean of Graduate Studies.