Updated as of June 1, 2022

Heather Abbott, M.A.
Counselor, Health & Counseling Center

James Bambenek
Director, Campus Safety​

Katharine Barron, B.S.
Counselor, Health & Counseling Center

Phillip Batalis, M.S.W.
Director, Marketing Services

Alexander Bauer, M.Ed.
Assistant Director, Admission

Jacqueline Bauters
Cross Country Coach

Richard Baxter, B.F.A.
Director, Campus and Community Events

Dawn Bell, A.A.S.
Director, Building and General Services

Mona Carrandi Bowe, B.S.
Executive Director, Retention Strategy

Ben Bowman
Director, Facilities

Laura Brandenburg, B.F.A.
Director, Advancement Services

Anita Brandon, J.D.
Programmer Analyst

Kathleen Brown, M.B.A.
Director, Financial Aid

Tracya Brown, B.S.
Programmer Analyst

Alexander Buchanan, B.S.
Assistant Director, Advancement Services

Colleen Burke ’16, B.A.
Admission Counselor

Kelly Burns
Director, Graduate Admissions

Dale Campbell, B.A.
Tennis Coach, Athletics

Kathleen Carlson
Director, Purchasing

Karen Chambers, Ph.D.
Dean of Student Academic Services

Kris Choinacky
Assistant Director, Office of Civic & Social Engagement

Gina Christiana, M.S.W.
Counselor, Health & Counseling Center

Timothy Clark
Assoc. Director Tech. Intg.

Catherine Cleary ‘12, M.A.
Major Gifts Associate

Laura Coleman Pritchard
Major Gifts Director

Katie Conboy, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Coulston
Coordinator, BAVO

Iwona Derbiszewski
Marketing Associate, Campus and Community Events

Steve Donaldson
Director, Maintenance

Sarah Gallagher Dvorak ’99, M.A.
Director, Admission

Michelle Egan ’93, B.A.
Special Assistant to the President

Cara Firestein ’16, B.A.
Admission Counselor

Angela Fitzpatrick, B.A.
Assistant Director, Career Crossings Office

Jayne Fogle, B.A.
Director, Learning Tree

Diane M. Fox, M.A.
Director, Student Success

Sara Ghyselinck
Hall Director - McCandless

Rebekah Go, M.A.
Director, Office of Civic & Social Engagement

Susan Good, M.B.A.

Alexis Grady ’17, B.A.
Associate Director, Alumnae Relations

Sarah Granger
Director, Health & Counseling

Sandra Harmacinski
Assistant Director,  Student Events & Campus and Community Events

Kathleen Hausmann, B.A.
Associate Director, Technology Support Services

Terri Hebert
Director, CFAI

Brandon Hecht
Assistant Coach - Softball

Megan Hermann
Director, Major Gifts

Raquel Hernandez, B.S.
Associate Director, Financial Aid

Redgina Hill, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Inclusion and Equity

Colleen Hoover, Ph.D.
Associate Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies

Cynthia Horton-Cavanaugh, B.S.N.
Interim Director, Health & Counseling Center

Heather Hough
Human Resources Business Partner

Nicole Hundt, M.Ed.
Assistant Director, OSI & Residence Life

Eric Ivacic
Networking/System Administrator

Donald Jakubczak
Microcomputer Support Specialist

Stacie Jeffirs, M.S.
Director, Career Crossings Office

Gloria Jenkins, M.A.
Dean of Students

Dorrine Johnson, B.S.
Human Resources Business Partner

Pamela Johnson
Associate Registrar

Alli Johnston
Financial Aid Counselor

Joni Kanzler, M.L.S.
Director, Research for Development

Paula Kaplan, M.S.
Instructional Design Technologist

Elizabeth Karle
Circulation & Fulfillment Manager, Library

Patricia Keilman ‘89, B.B.A.
Budget Analyst

Michael Kempisty
Lab Manager/Microcomputer Support

Katie Knisely, B.S.
Assistant Athletic Trainer

Lisa Knox
Director of Public Relations

Jordan Koehler
Golf Coach and Assistant Director of Club Sport

Elizabeth Koultourides ’93, B.A.
Interim Vice-President for College Relations

Mark Kubacki
Director, Grounds

Emily Kubaszak '92, B.A.
Associate Director, Accessibility Resource Center

Nicole Labadie, M. Div
Director of Campus Ministry

Midori Leung
Assistant Tennis Coach, Athletics

Amy Long, M.A.
Head Lacrosse Coach, Athletics

Stephanie Lukezic, B.A.
Assistant Director, Admissions

Kristen Lynch, B.A.
Major Gifts Associate

Melissa Makielski, B.A.
Head Basketball Coach, Athletics

Jordan Marshall
Director, Donor Relations

Ana Martin del Campo
Assistant Director, Chicago Rep.

Danielle Mason
Director, Annual Giving

Gabriela Maxwell
Assistant Director, External Events and Community Relations

Claire McNamara
Admission Counselor

Rachel Meehan, B.A.
Associate Director, Admission

Sarah Miesle ’07, B.A.
Director, Sports Information

Mackenzie Miller
Assistant Director, Annual and Reunion Giving

Peggy Miller, B.S.
Chemical Hygiene Officer

Arlene Montevecchio, M.T.S.
Director, Center for Spirituality

Carol Ann Mooney ’72, J.D., DHum (honoris causa)
President (Emerita)

Carolyn Mueller ‘92, B.A.
Interim Executive Director Development and Senior Major Gifts Director

Nancy Nekvasil, Ph.D.
Interim President (Emerita)

Stephen Newton, CSC
Campus Minister

Todd Norris, M.A.
Chief Information Officer

Kara O’Leary ’89, M.S.A, M.A.
Executive Director, Alumnae and College Relations

Elizabeth Palmer
Assistant Director, Campus Ministry

Franca Peluso
Assistant Tennis Coach, Athletics

Lisa Peppers ’87, B.A.
Assistant Director, Internal Events

Adriana Petty, B.A.
Director, International Studies and Multi-Cultural Services

Sarah Pressey ’08, M.B.A.
Assistant Registrar

Edward Rangel
Director, Administrative Computing/DBA

Breanna Rees
Student Accounts Manager

Lindsay Romeo, B.A.
Admission Counselor

Emily Rose McManus
Director, Center for Women's Intercultural Leadership

Carolyn Rulli
Assistant Director, Integrated Communications

H. Shay Schneider ’05, M.A.
Associate Dean of Students

Julie Schroeder-Biek ’88, B.A.
Director, Athletics

Valerie Sherman, J.D.
Director of Gift Planning

Emily Sipos-Butler, M.Div.
Associate Director, Center for Spirituality

Julie Sisco, M.S.
Director, Institutional Research & Assessment

Curt Sochocki, A.D.
Senior Graphic Designer

Sondra Solloway ’07, M.L.S.
Research Analyst

Austin Stahly, B.S.
Manager, Energy and Facilities Projects

Ashley Steffey, M.S.
Athletic Trainer

Dana Strait, Ph.D.
Vice President, Strategy & Finance

Allyson Strasen ‘16, M.A.
Hall Director, Holy Cross

Kayla Thomas
Associate Director, Annual Giving

Susan Trawitz
Microcomputer Support Specialist

Jesse Urquhart
Head Soccer Coach, Athletics

Kris Urschel, M.B.A.
Director, Human Resources

Denise Van De Walle
Volleyball Coach, Athletics

Eric Wagenfeld
Director, Accessibilities Resource Office

Arthur Wager, B.F.A.
Assistant Vice President, Integrated Marketing

Eric Walerko

Julianne Wallace, D.Min.
Vice President of Mission

Willow Wetherall
Director of Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative

Tracy White, B.G.S, M.L.S.
Senior Academic Advisor

Daniel Woods, M.S.
Compliance Officer

Sara Woroncow
Admissions Counselor

Cassie Young
Assistant Softball Coach, Athletics

Trevis Young
Campus Ministry

Jamie Young
Assistant Softball Coach, Athletics

Jennifer Zachman, Ph.D.
Coordinator, European Study Abroad

Lori Zimmerman
Portal Coordinator

Jenna Zwiller ‘17, B.A.
Assistant Director, International Admission