Welcome to Saint Mary’s College!

Dear First-Year Belle,

As the Dean of Student Academic Services, it is a pleasure to welcome you to Saint Mary’s College! I wanted to share a few important dates as you get ready to join us in the fall.

In the next few weeks, your summer advisor will contact you to guide you through choosing classes for the fall semester. You will register for classes at the end of June and your advisor will give you details about that process.

This fall, you will be enrolled in SPLL 101 First-Year Common Course, which serves as a basic introduction to the various aspects of your experience at Saint Mary’s College. The course will include common experiences that meet with the entire first-year class, small class meetings with your faculty advisor and a weekly session with your peer mentor. Our hope is to provide you with the resources you need to be successful at Saint Mary’s.

During Orientation we will kick off your First 100 Days at Saint Mary’s College. In your first 100 days we have many events and activities planned that will provide you with the opportunity to make connections, build relationships, and develop skills. I wanted to give you a head’s up to one of the events during the First 100 Days. We are excited that Alice McDermott is coming to campus on September 19, 2019 and the One Book One Saint Mary’s pick is her novel, The Ninth Hour. So, if you’re looking for good read this summer, that would be a great pick!


Karen Chambers
Dean of Student Academic Services